• Great photo of Laid Back Key West's friend Hami Gendron doing very well at some Key West Lobstering!
  • Captain Eric Grandcourt holding a bouquet of Key West lobster after his successful mission doing some Key West lobstering.
  • A nice close up of a Key West lobster.
  • Nice close up shot of a Key West lobster!

Key West Lobster

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Key West lobster season begins August 6th, 2013 – March 31, 2014 and is one of the most fun and easy ways to get your own fresh seafood. Our Key West Lobster charter is perfect for beginners and experts – we have the knowledge and equipment for anyone to have a great time while catching these tasty crustaceans. Leaving Key West behind, you will head to a shallow reef (5-30 feet depending on your free-diving ability) to search cracks and crevasses for your delicious and well-deserved dinner!  Laid Back Key West holds 6 licenses which allow for 6 lobster each (36 total) but you are welcome to purchase your own Lobstering license if you would like to catch and keep additional ones. After the Captain rings the tails off the lobster for you, we recommend that you bring your catch to a local restaurant like Hurrinace Hole, Dante’s, Schooner Wharf, or Conch Republic, so the staff can cook it for you! More information about lobstering can be found here at FWC’s website.
We Provide.

BBQ Grill

Magma GrillOur Magma Marine Kettle 17” Party sized grill is available to you.  Let us know you would like to grill your food while out on our charter so we can bring it along!

Lobster Gear

The Lobster gear we provide includes:

Ticke Sticks
Catch Bags
Measuring Gauge

Ginger Ale & Water

We will have Ginger Ale and Water available.

You Provide.


No Spray On!Please NO spray on sunscreen.  The reason being it some how stains the boat.  We recommend Salt Life brand sunscreens because they are better for you and the ocean.


Snacks.Easy light snacks are peanut/cheese crackers, peanuts, and chips.

Larger items that are easy for boats are fried chicken, cold cuts, and wraps.

If you decide you would like to use our grill then you will have to provide the food to be grilled.  Some easy items for the grill are  hamburgers, hot dogs, and shish kabobs.


Beach TowelsGreat way to stay dry or keep the sun off you.

Motion sickness pills

Sea SicknessIf you are prone to motion sickness we recommend you do something to help alleviate it.  Before you take any type of medication we would recommend you read the warnings as well as consult a doctor.  There are also wrist bands and ear patches to help with motion sickness.  If you do end up taking medication we would recommend the non drowsy so you are wide awake for your laid back adventure.

i Pod

iPodBeing out on the water just isn’t complete without your own soundtracks.  Please bring your i Pod or similar device to plug into our on board stereo.

Sun Clothes

Sun ProtectionWhen on the water the Sun can be very intense.  We recommend that you bring a long sleeve shirt and a hat to get some protection when needed.  Long sleeve rash guards are great for sun and water protection.


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