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Dolphin and Snorkeling Tour

By admin

Come and join us on an afternoon excursion to the dolphin playground, a popular gathering spot for the dolphin pods of Key West. Witness the enchanting spectacle of dolphins leaping and frolicking right beside our dolphin boat before we embark on an exhilarating snorkeling expedition to one of Key West’s finest reefs. Stay alert and … Continued

Back Country Fishing

By admin

The region known as the backcountry encompasses the stretch of water that runs alongside the Florida Keys island chain. It includes a collection of mangrove islands and flat areas along the ocean, both of which are classified as part of the backcountry. These islands and flats contribute to a serene and transparent water environment, offering … Continued

Customize Your Day

By admin

This is a perfect Key West boat tour to get out on the waters of Key West and do multiple activities by customizing your charter. Instead of having to choose one type of activity (fishing, snorkeling, dolphin watching, sandbar tours, lobstering, or a sunset tour) we allow you to customize your charter. Our key west … Continued